Massage Therapy

IMG_23692Canine Massage Therapy is like Sports Massage Therapy.  It is great for arthritic dogs, post orthopedic surgery, post ACL or patella surgery or an injury to a joint or muscle.  Massage therapy helps to break up adhesions or knots in the muscle.

Massage can be beneficial for dogs with mild to severe arthritis. For severe arthritis one session per week is recommended.  For mild arthritis,  massage therapy can be done as needed.

Flexion and extension exercises are a great addition to massage therapy or can be done alone.  These exercises can be taught to the pet owner to do at home for further therapy.

For a dog not using a leg, two days of flexion and extension along with 1 massage in a week will help the dog gain back muscle tone and loosen adhesions in the other leg, hip or shoulder.  The goal is to gain normal function of the leg again.  The length of treatment depends on how extensive the muscle wasting is and how well the affected leg is healed.

This treatment requires work on the owners part and also needs to be reviewed at least weekly by the Veterinarian.  The course of treatment, in these cases, will also need to be determined by the Veterinarian.

Massage Therapy is helpful for:

  • Post Orthopedic Surgery
  • Post ACL
  • Mild to severe arthritis
  • A very nervous show dog
  • Dogs with amputated limbs
  • Pregnant dogs about to deliver

Please call the office if you feel that Massage Therapy can be beneficial to your dog.

Mary Brown, RVT, CCMT